Key Elements of Modern Masquerade


With its beauty and mysterious appeal, it's no surprise that Masquerades continue to be held today.  In keeping with tradition, masks are a must, as well as music and dancing.  All these elements are meant to limit conversation, thus keeping identities hidden and allowing mask-wearers to mingle without inhibition until the big Midnight Reveal.


A Little Bit of History


Masquerade Balls originated in medieval courts as lavish celebrations of royal weddings and other majestic milestones.  Dancing and music as well as hired entertainers were typical elements of a Masquerade.  Aristocrats attended in extravagant costumes and exquisite masks, which allowed anonymity to a class that was strictly governed by proper etiquette and social rules.  The allure of a Masquerade comes from the freedom provided by the guise of masks and costumes, to socialize, dance, and court one another without ever having to reveal their identities.  Among many of history's famous characters, Marie Antoinette is perhaps the most famous for her love of Masquerade.


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